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Singlefoot Farms is a fifteen acre facility nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. We focus on breeding and showing the Mountain Horses and improving the breed, one horse at a time. At this point we do not offer training, but do offer consignment sales of horses and tack.

We are now working on a new fundraising project - Mozart's Fund. We have several permanent fosters who are unadoptable due to Feline Leukemia, and we also have some fosters who are waiting to be able to be adopted. Cat food and litter gets quite expensive, so we always appreciate any help we can get. Wonderful people in the community have donated tack to be sold, which is listed on our page, The Mozart Fund, which will provide any information you need.

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Planning for 2015…


I am sitting here, planning on what to do in the 2015 show season, and nostalgia has overtaken me! I realized the other day that none of my show results came over during the merge from the old website to the new one. So as I transferred it over, it was so nice to sit back and look at each placing and the memories that came with it. Times got busy and it was a transition over to a new job and less time for horses. The herd was thinned out, and all my show horses found new homes, leaving my three year old and the mare who started it all. (read more…)

Cantering and the Gaited Horse

IMG 0261

There seems to be some sort of mysticism surrounding cantering a gaited horse. In some places, it is considered highly taboo with the thought that it will result in the horse never being able to gait properly. In my experience, that just is not true. After all, several associations offer 4-Gait Classes – Walk, Show Gait, Pleasure Gait, and Canter. Nearly every horse; gaited or not will offer to canter in the field. Please note the “nearly“ part of that statement, as it is true that there are some horses that are so naturally gaited they will only offer to rack in the field. (read more…)

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