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Singlefoot Farms is a fifteen acre facility nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. We focus on breeding and showing the Mountain Horses and improving the breed, one horse at a time. At this point we do not offer training, but do offer consignment sales of horses and tack.

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Hiatus… Over! 

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If ever there was a theme of “it didn’t go as planned,” it would be this year.  Due to some personal health issues, I spent the vast majority of the year unable to work, let alone ride. By the time the ducks had mostly been rounded back up into the pond and everything fell into line,  it was time for Pumpkin Spice everything to descend, the leaves to change, and my favorite holiday to come, Halloween! (Read More…)

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Equine Marketing 101: Part 1 - Perception of Market Value

There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, and no statement rings truer in the tough equine market. A photograph can mean the difference between grabbing a potential client’s attention to having them pass over the horse completely. With online equine marketing sites and social media at the forefront of selling a horse, it may be asked why so many of the online advertisements seen every day by thousands of potential buyers are downright terrible. There are a large number of websites, forums, and blogs dedicated to poking fun at those marketing fails. Why do so many photos fall flat in such a competitive market?
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Trotting the Gaited Horse

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The words “trotting” and “gaited horse” are hardly synonymous. In fact, most people choose a gaited horse specifically so they don’t have to post, and think people who choose to partake in that particular activity are crazy. Some say it ruins the gait and will make a horse unable to ever gait again. However, it’s quite the opposite and possible for a gaited horse to display a lovely trot, as well as compete and hold their own… (Read More...)

Cantering and the Gaited Horse

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There seems to be some sort of mysticism surrounding cantering a gaited horse. In some places, it is considered highly taboo with the thought that it will result in the horse never being able to gait properly. In my experience, that just is not true. After all, several associations offer 4-gait Classes - Walk, Show Gait, Pleasure Gait, and Canter. Nearly every horse; gaited or not will offer to canter in the field.  (Read More…)

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