Sold Horses

 There have been so many great horses that have graced the fields of this farm. I feel that they deserve their own page on this website.

Sold from Singlefoot Farms

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Art Under Pressure
Atlas is a handsome Off the Track Thoroughbred gelding who started off very green, but ended up being a steady eddy gelding who was used for lessons. He has been sold to woman in Maine who plans on doing lower level dressage. 


Miss Jolene

Jolene is the daughter of Mid-Summer's Night and a half sibiling to Sin City Night. He was purchased by a lovely woman in Virginia who intends on enjoying her on the trails. This mare was super special and we will miss her!

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Rising Wind
Frosty has been sold to a wonderful woman in South Carolina who has logged a ton of miles on him under saddle already and is enjoying him on the beautiful scenery South Carolina has to offer!

Zero Gravity
Bailey is a full sibling to the Blue Note Jazz, listed below. He was purchased by Leon and Donna of South Carolina. He is one of the few horses born on the property and has the same temperament and is as handsome as his brother!


Mid-Summer's Night
Roxie is a gorgeous triple registered RMHA/KMSHA/AGMHA mare and is the mother to Miss Jolene and Sin City Night. She is a half sibling to two multiple WGC and is a great trail horse. She and her owner, Zoni, are excelling in the youth classes.


Blue Note Jazz
Jazz was the very first planned foals of Singlefoot Farms. We thought about his cross long before ever making it, and we are very excited to see what he turned out like! Jazz was the UMH WC in the 4-Gait Class with Charlie DeAtley in 2012 and also won the KY High Point Pleasure Division with Lisa in the irons in 2012. His rider is pictured in the background and just loves him. 


Sierra was a small grade pony mare found through a random contact at Tractor Supply one day. This poor filly was about a year old and had been left with a dog collar and leash tied around her neck for about a month. When attempting to corral her, she jumped the fence and ran into the next pasture. After some TLC and love, the filly was rehomed in Frankfort.


Charlie Joe Junior
CJ was an amazing show horse, a gorgeous RMHA and KMSHA gelding who I showed on the circuit during 2011. He was a great trail horse and went to a home in Colorado.

Miss Prissy
Missy, a KMSHA mare, was purchased as a project horse in Midway's Training Horse Class. After starting her, I showed her on the circuit in 2009 before she was sold to a home who trail rode her and started her driving.

Cisco is an Appendix QH and was a great lesson horse used in the program at Midway College. I showed him for several years at the local level and leased him to the program. Once I started in to the Mountain Horses as a career, I sold him back to his breeder, Ballyhigh Stables, who continued to use him in their lesson program. 

Xena's Dark Star
Star was the second Mountain Horse we ever purchased, way back as a three month old when we first decided to get into the Mountain Horse Breed. She was the second horse I ever showed in the circuit and was a great ride. She was sold to a couple in Missouri.

I'm Really Twisted
Myst is a Half Arabian/Paint mare who was nearly literally bomb proof (as evidenced by the time we were showing during the 4th of July) and was a horse anyone could ride. When it became obvious she wasn't used to her full potential, she was sold to Heidi Ransbottom and her family. They have informed me since she has been passed to the next family in the 4H group and is continuing to show kids what an amazing mare she is! Unfortunately, Myst passed a few years ago due to old age, but she was loved up to the end and will be greatly missed.


Myst a Spot
Storm was an "oh yeah, she might be pregnant" moment from when we were given Myst one October. And surprise, surprise - a healthy 3/4 Arabian colt was delivered that following May! He was a very handsome boy and the very first horse I started under saddle by myself. He was sold to a family in Western KY who were going to start doing dressage with him.


Turner's Tootsy Bar
Bar is a QH gelding who started my journey into the horse world. He was purchased as a three year old when I was 8, and though we did not get along initially, we learned eventually how to get along. He was used in Midway College's lesson program, and finally found a new home with a family just down the road from me. It is many moons later and he is starting to gray out, but it is still great to see this old man!

Horses Consigned Through Singlefoot Farms


H.B.F's Hidden Agenda
Darby was a mare I saw grow up from a weanling and watch as she showed in the futurities, to a beautiful mare. She is a half sister to Jazz and Bailey. She was sold to Donna Crocker and then put back in to training for several months before returning to South Carolina, where I was able to help transistion her over to her new life. She is a gorgeous mare and I'm excited to continue to get updates about her!


On this list should be Rising Wind, since I did technically consign him to myself! But, when I sold Frosty, I helped Leslie find Silas a new home. He is a gorgeous buckskin KMSHA gelding and found a new owner who finished his training and trail rode him.


Silver's Blue Plate Special and Little Rocket
Penny and Rocket go together on the same thread, as they went to the same home together with Tamara Penn of Phoenix, Arizona. I was fortunate to help Tamara realize her dream of owning not just one, but two gorgeous Rocky Mountains, sold through Stoner Ridge Farm. I flew out to Arizona before the shippers arrived and helped them settle in and trail rode all over the desert there over 3 weeks. It was an amazing trip and I could not have been happier with how well they worked together.

2 years later, I was able to go back and see how they were doing and ride through some different areas of Cave Creek, Arizona. -  859.242.5261  -  © Singlefoot Farms 2014