We are so fortunate to have such wonderful owners for the horses we’ve sold. Quite a few of them are still in frequent contact! Here are what their owners had to say:

Dianne Gotschall and Blue Note Jazz


"I am so thrilled with my purchase of Jazz.  He is such an awesome horse and is doing so well in training.  Lisa has been incredible to work with.  She didn't just sell us the horse and walk away.  She follows up frequently with his progress and has even agreed to show him for us this summer.  I couldn't have chosen a better person to buy from/work with than Lisa."

Mary Ellen, Bob and Miss Prissy

Missy 012

"Lisa put an excellent foundation on our horse. Missy is a sweet and loving mare with none of the behavior or riding issues that commonly stem from a trainer taking shortcuts. Lisa really cares about the horses she trains and sells and the people who buy them. We have enjoyed keeping in touch with her and wish she didn't live three states away!"

Heidi Ransbottom and family, with I'm Really Twisted


"We purchased Myst (Im Really Twisted) from Lisa back in 2009.  She has been a wonderful addition to our horse family.  Myst has been the perfect horse for our three young daughters to grow up with.  She has given them the confidence to become great riders.  Myst came to us with great ground manners and is a pleasure to be around.   Lisa has kept in touch with us over the past 3 years as she has followed Myst's progress.  We have had a great experience doing business with Lisa and she has sold us a great horse. " 

Robin Sams with Rising Wind


"Frosty is a wonderful Rocky Mountain Horse! He is what he was advertised and even better. All my friends love Frosty! One friend wants to buy him! I love him and ride more than before! He is brave and calm and has smooth gaits."

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