Boots and Wraps

L276 - Woof Boots, Lime Green - $20
These were used to school in, but now just sit in the trailer. There is some slight staining on the lime green of the straps.

L277 - Professional Choice Cross Country Boots - $140/Set
Used under 10 times, decided not to event any more, so there was no point in continuing to hold on to them. 

L222 - Equifit Hook and Loop Closure front and back boot, black, set - $100
Used, there is some wear. Stopped jumping, no need to keep. The memory foam is in good shape and the straps are in good working order.

IMG 7950

IMG 7959

L223 - Equifit Back Velcro boots (one boot is missing the memory foam insert) - $25
These boots are in okay shape, but one insert was gone when the boots were sold to me. I never got around to replacing it - my loss is your gain!

IMG 7960

E005 - Weatherbeeta/Roma Galloping Boots - $55

These boots are in excellent shape, one pair only.

L035 - Polo Wraps, Black set of 4 - $8

These polo wraps have been washed several times but only been on a horse once or twice. Prefer using boots so decided to sell them.


L108 - Black SMB Elite Rear Boots - Small - $60 - NIB

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