The Mozart Fund

Mozart is a beautiful cat who I found in the middle of the road in November of 2013. I was driving to visit a friend and watch the popular movie Frozen, and the frigid temperatures were not designed for young kittens to be out. So imagine my surprise when a small, fluffy black kitten sat in the middle of the road on the culdesac. I stopped, called out, and he turned around and meowed at me. My blood ran cold and I was shocked to see completely infected, disgusting eyes looking back at me. 

The local shelter would not help me, instead wanting to euthanize him as they said he was in a great deal of pain. But this kitten had a healthy appetite and only wanted love, and while there was no spark in his eyes (after all, one was missing and the other was disgusting and lacerated), he seemed to have a lot of fight left in him and I was willing to try as long as he was. So we were on our own. Thanks to the help of some wonderful people, I was able to raise the entirety of the funds needed to surgically remove the remnants of both eyes and neuter him.

I was right about this scrawny kitten's resiliance. He bounced back and flourished! He was completly accepting of everything, going places and visiting people. You can see him here on horseback.

IMG 5266

Mozart was adopted out to quite possibly his biggest sponsor, but unfortunately it did not work out through no fault of either party and he is home again. We have decided to keep him instead of trying to find him another adopter elsewhere, as he has herpes and does not understand what other cats are or how they should be interacted with which makes it difficult to find him an understanding adopter.

I also had two cats who are unadoptable due to being feline leukemia positive, Zella and Zoe. They were taken from their owners who did not take care of them and when  I found out they came to me positive for Feline Leukemia, I opted to keep them as a permanent foster with TLC Animal Refuge instead of surrendering them to a shelter where they would instantly be euthanized, as these cats are unadoptable. Unfortunately, both Zella and Zoe finally sucumbed to such a terrible disease last month within a month of each other and are finally free. 

IMG 4771

To help offset the daily care of our handsome and special boy, we had plenty of tack that was donated by very helpful members of the community and are offered for sale. Offers will be considered on any item, and we will gladly combine items as well. 100% of the proceeds from these items will go directly towards his care. -  859.242.5261  -  © Singlefoot Farms 2014